The playing child is at the centre of every single product made by BRUDER.

Bruder 02190 Compact Loader Toymaster Ballina

Bruder 02190 Compact Loader

For over 50 years Schäffer has been developing articulated road loaders for agricultural, landscaping and gardening purposes. The compact series 2000 ...
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Bruder Cattle Figure Toymaster Ballina

Bruder 02308 Cattle Figure

New from Bruder Toys, Brown Cows and Bulls are now available for those little farmers who wish to add to their herd! Young kids will love this popular...
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Bruder 02331 Lemken Plough Toymaster Ballina

Bruder 02331 Lemken Plough

The plough can be raised and locked for driving on roads. It can also be lowered and turned during travel. The turning plough fits all Profi series tr...
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Bruder 02422 Cat Bulldozer Toymaster Ballina

Bruder 02422 Cat Bulldozer

The plough blade of the Cat® bulldozer lifts up/down, it can be tilted and locked in position. The loosening rake can also be lowered. The Cat® bulldo...
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