Discovery Mindblown Globe 2 in 1 Day & Night

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Discovery Mindblown Globe 2 in 1 Day & Night

The Discovery Kids 2-in-1 Globe Light features a fully detailed world globe with geographic and political boundaries and features. The globe sits at a natural tilt and rotates on its base just like a full globe you would find in a library or study.

At night or when set in a dark room, the globe automatically lights up with colour-changing LED light, illuminating a map of dazzling city lights as seen from space! Populated land masses glow brightly in a beautiful landscape.

Perfect for teaching children about natural and political geography, let your children interact with the globe for more efficient learning. Clearly labelled countries, cities, bodies of water, and longitude and latitude lines provide a fun and effective educational tool!

Both educational and decorative, the 2-in-1 globe light functions as a night light! Great for children’s rooms and bathrooms, set the globe out to provide gentle and automatic lighting that shuts off on its own during the day.

Set the children’s world globe up anywhere—it can function with batteries (4 C batteries; not included) or a wall adapter, giving you the freedom to display it wherever desired.

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