Elephant Bean Bags

Stockists of Mayo Company Elephant Branded Bean Bags  

Bean bags rock - its as simple as that! Whether you are 6, 16 or 60 get your bum on one of these! 

Elephant Jumbo Beanbag Vibrant Red img 1

Elephant Jumbo Beanbag

Whether it’s lounging, sitting, lying or sharing, this fun yet practical bean bag allows you to sink into a huge supportive bag of tempting squishines...
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Elephant junior vibrant red

Elephant Junior Beanbag

Vibrant, fun and versatile. The Elephant Junior is the perfect bean bag solution for accommodating extra bums at children’s parties or when you have l...
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Elephant Lounger Charcoal Grey img 1

Elephant Lounger Charcoal

Our Elephant Lounger is made from high quality interwoven polyester fabric, ensuring durability and filled with high grade EPS bead to guarantee optim...
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