Yulu Bowling Head

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Yulu Bowling Head

Inspired by the social media sensation, bowling head has put its own twist on bowling, to see which player can knock down their pins first. This hilarious game has players strap on a Headband And swing their bodies to send the attached soft bowling ball into the pins! Each players has 4 pins to knock down One by one, no hands allowed. In bowling head - swing to strike, the first player to knock down all 4 of their bowling pins wins. The 4 pins are in decreasing size, so as the game goes on it gets harder. For an added challenge, players can fill the pins with water or sand to weigh them down and make them harder to knock over.

  • Each player wears an adjustable headband with a soft plastic ball attached
  • Swing your head to knock down the pins
  • Includes 2 sets of 4 bowling pins in various sizes
  • A game of co-ordination and keeping calm under pressure
  • Players can fill the pins with water or sand to weigh them down and increase the difficulty

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