Mookie Tiny Tailball & Bat Set

Mookie Tiny Tailball And Bat Set Toymaster Ballina

Mookie Tiny Tailball & Bat Set

Tiny Tailball from Swingball is a genius invention. The foam Tailball slows and stabilises the flight of the ball making it easier to hit, plus it doesn’t roll away when it hits the ground. Tailball is the perfect fun game for developing the hand-eye co-ordination you need for all racket sports.

  • Very portable miniature version of our tail ball game. The tail ball design helps it reduce speed through the air making it much easier for younger children to hit. 
  • With no ball to roll away, it's a great game for home and away. 
  • Easily stored together with clip provided.
  • Foam Tailball makes it easier to hit.
  • Great for Hand-eye co-ordination skills

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