Our Generation Violet Anna Regular Doll

Our Generation Violet Anna Regular Doll  Toymaster Ballina

Our Generation Violet Anna Regular Doll

Violet Anna loves to twirl on the tippiest of tiptoes. This Our Generation girl is passionate about ballet; any new pose and she'll give it a whirl. Her pretty pink tutu will make ballet practice a dream. Her long blond locks can be styled to have her hair up or down to make classes easy. No hair in the face when she twirls for Our Generation Violet Anna.

Ready for dance at any time, Our Generation Violet Anna has her leotard and ballet slippers on, to go with her tights and tulle tutu. Remember to tie the ribbons securely on those slippers, or twirling might turn into tripping. Opps. Not so graceful.

"Our Generation girls leap and bound through life with a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye."

Our Generation Violet Anna is a non-poseable doll, so she can turn at the neck, shoulders and hips. Arms up, it's time to twirl!

She might have the tutu and slippers, but Our Generation Violet Anna might need more than just the outfit to take her from practice to perfect. The OG Dancing Feet Ballet accessories set has everything an OG ballet doll could want, including a set of barres, a position chart and a water bottle. Position one, position two, and plié!


  • 1 non-poseable (soft-bodied, harder plastic limbs) 46cm doll
  • 1 leotard
  • 1 tutu
  • 1 pair of tights
  • 1 pair of ballet shoes

18 inch (45cm) doll, suitable for all accessories and clothes.

Weight 1090g

Age 3+

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