Peg Perego 12v Corral T Rex Quad Green

Peg Perego 12v Corral T Rex Quad Green Toymaster BallinaClick the image to enlarge

Peg Perego 12v Corral T Rex Quad Green

The new ultra-modern Peg Perego Corral T-Rex 330W OR0100 is in high demand thanks to its advanced design and stylish combination of green and black. Convenient 12-volt battery power, combined with large wheels for a safe distance to the ground when riding, make this the # 1 choice for parents.

Has an electronic dashboard with start button, front LED headlights, battery status indicator, horn, engine sound, MP3 input.

Travel comfort and safety. The children's ATV is designed for children from the age of three, but its wide saddle allows an older child to ride without problems. The front bumper reliably protects the structure from accidental impacts, and the side fenders protect the driver from splashing mud from under the wheels. The steering wheel of the machine is designed in such a way as to ensure ease of control, even when travelling over rough terrain.

An unforgettable adventure for children. Large footrests provide good support for children's feet, even on tight bends. The accelerator pedal on the right is also a brake - this guarantees ease of operation. The gearshift lever has only three positions: two for forward and one for reverse. Moreover, the second forward speed can be temporarily blocked by the parents until the child is completely comfortable with driving.

A stylish look that delivers admiration. The aggressive-looking T-Rex is fitted with decorative details at the rear: an antenna and twin tailpipes that beautifully fit into the sculpted surface of the saddle. The impression is enhanced by a sealed housing that reliably protects the driver from contact with the wires inside, and the electric motor itself - from water and dirt getting inside. The batteries are located under the seat in a place protected from child access.

  • years 3 +
  • 12V/8Ah rechargeable battery (100 W/h)
  • motor power 330W
  • 2 wheels drive
  • 2 speeds forward (up to 6,7 km/h) + reverse
  • accelerator & brake on the same pedal
  • maximum portable weight 40 kg
  • extreme traction wheels with a knobby tread
  • electronic dash with START button:
  • front LED lights
  • battery status indicator
  • horn
  • motor sound
  • MP3 input

Peg Perego Corral T-Rex Electric Vehicle Specifications:

  • The ATV has one driver's seat and can withstand a maximum weight load of 40 kg.
  • A 12-volt battery at 8 amps is rated for 33 minutes of continuous operation.
  • Full charging time of the battery is 12-14 hours. The battery and charger are included in the package.
  • Two forward speeds - 3.4 and 6.7 km/h. Reverse speed - up to 3.4 km/h.
  • The children's ATV can climb hills with an inclination angle of up to 10%.
  • Assembled product dimensions: length - 645, width - 995, height - 655 millimeters.
  • Weight - 15.3 kg.

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