Schildkrot Speed Badminton Set

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Schildkrot Speed Badminton Set

The new Speed Badminton Set from Schildkröt comes with a can of 3 Shuttlecock’s and a practical bag with a carrying strap. The very handy racquets (length 54.5 cm, weight 165 g, frame profile 17.3 mm) are 4 cm shorter than the normal speed badminton racquet and therefore much more easy to use and play with. Beginners, recreational players, but also children, have much more fun with this set and a faster sense of achievement!

 Speed badminton (often also referred to as crossminton) is probably the most versatile racket game in the world! The game is played on the beach, in the park or in the garden - without a net. The special thing about speed badminton is the wind stability - who doesn't know the frustrating attempts playing badminton in a light wind? The wind-stable speed badminton ball is heavier and smaller than a normal shuttlecock and provides extra speed.


2x Speed Badminton Rackets

3x Wind-stable Speed Badminton Shuttlecocks

1x Bag with a carrying strap

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