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Zapf Creations

Zapf Creations are the creators of Baby Born, Baby Annabell and much more...

Baby born bath poo toilet img1

Baby Born Bath Poo Toilet

Baby Born Bath Poo-Poo Toilet. The BABY born Poo-Poo Toilet will help BABY born show she is now a big girl by using the potty, but this isn't any ordi...
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Baby born deluxe coat img 1

Baby Born Deluxe Coat 43cm

BABY born COAT - BABY born loves wearing her Trendy Deluxe Coat for all occasions over the winter months; to keep cosy indoors or to go outside on an ...
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Baby Born Deluxe Rain Set

When it's pouring with rain, they'll be prepared with this Baby Born Deluxe Rain Set!In her yellow wellies, Baby Born can splash around whatever the w...
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Baby born interactive potty img1

Baby Born Interactive Potty

Potty train your BABY Born doll with this adorable and smart potty.  It includes realistic sounds with applause, giggling and flushing sounds. When po...
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baby born rc scooter img1

Baby Born RC Scooter

The City Remote Control Scooter is perfect for BABY born to get around. Use the remote control to guide the scooter forward, back, left and right. The...
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baby born unicorn img 1

Baby Born Unicorn

 BABY born dreamed she was walking on a rainbow. Surrounded by star dust, she met a soft, white unicorn. The horn of the cute animal friend glows and ...
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