Baby Born

The BABY born dolls are 30-43 cm in size with a soft vinyl body and numerous functions and offer imaginative role play in colorful play worlds. BABY born is at the same time the baby that wants to be cared for and the companion for great adventures in reality and imagination. 

Baby Born - Magic Boy 43cm

“Oh boy, don’t you want to go to sleep?” The boy is lying in bed with his eyes wide open, sucking on his dummy. It’s time for the trick that will make...
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Baby Born Bathrobe

Little ones can include BABY born in their bath and bedtime routine with this stylish hooded bathrobe with gorgeous sailor-themed details. They can sc...
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Baby Born Changing Bag

BABY born looks forward to every outing just as much as her animal friends on the changing bag. Whoops – she was so excited, she just did a little wee...
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Baby Born Food Packs

This is tasty! This dissolvable doll food was specifically formulated for your BABY born. Comes with 12 individual serving portions, just add water an...
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Baby Born Romper Blue

It’s all about the cuddles for BABY born with this snuggly romper that’s super-huggable! It comes in a gorgeous blue-and-green colourway and features ...
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Baby Born Romper Pink

Laying about all day in your onesie is too tempting when it looks this good!This gorgeously soft BABY born Romper is so snuggly it’s great for snooze ...
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Baby Born Unicorn Onesie

BABY born simply loves dressing up. Right now, the unicorn onesie is her favourite outfit. When she wears it, she dreams of a faraway land of magical ...
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Baby Born Unicorn Outfit

Bring fairytale magic to BABY born’s wardrobe!Your dinky dreamer will adore dressing their best friend in this technicolour dress, with a snoozy unico...
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